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Railway ties pollute less than virgin wood when burned. The creosote embedded in them through years of use burn at a higher temperature, creating less emissions.

Experimental work on combustion conducted at Dalhousie University.

The Bath Community Liaison Committee was officially formed in 2007 as part of our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen. The committees objectives are;

  • To serve as a forum for the community to build understanding, make...

Lafarge Low Carbon Fuel Project 2 display boards from the public meeting available to view or download.


  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) was used to evaluate changing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by substituting fossil fuels with alternative low carbon fuels (LCF) at the Lafarge Bath plant
  • Four low‐carbon alternative...

The design of a granular pad for the proposed Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) Staging/Processing area (shredding pad) at the Lafarge Bath Plant. The design drawings for the pad (Drawings 1 to 7) are attached.

A thesis submitted to the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering In conformity with the requirements forthe degree of Master of Applied Science written by Jamie Davis.

A thesis submitted to the Department of Materials and Mechanical Engineering in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Applied Science written by Geoffrey Leslie. 


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