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For centuries, the world has been fueled by traditional energy sources such as wood, coal, and oil. But in recent decades, governments, scientists, environmental organizations and industry have started to explore new energy sources for the future.

The Lafarge Bath Plant Cement 2020 initiative aims to identify broad measures for improved sustainability (e.g.,energy, water, economics, emissions, biodiversity) and extend the findings to the rest of the industry.

Experimental work on combustion conducted at Dalhousie University.

The Bath Community Liaison Committee was officially formed in 2007 as part of our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen. The committees objectives are;

  • To serve as a forum for the community to build understanding, make...

Lafarge Low Carbon Fuel Project 2 display boards from the public meeting available to view or download.


  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) was used to evaluate changing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by substituting fossil fuels with alternative low carbon fuels (LCF) at the Lafarge Bath plant
  • Four low‐carbon alternative...

The design of a granular pad for the proposed Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) Staging/Processing area (shredding pad) at the Lafarge Bath Plant. The design drawings for the pad (Drawings 1 to 7) are attached.

A thesis submitted to the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering In conformity with the requirements forthe degree of Master of Applied Science written by Jamie Davis.


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