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The worldwide cement industry is estimated to represent 5% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmental screening report. Evaluation of low carbon fuels, Project 1.

Evaluation of Low Carbon Fuels. A conversation with Dr. Warren Mabee, Associate Professor, Queen's University & Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development & Implementation.

Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) proposes to substitute traditional fuel sources used in the cement manufacturing process with Low Carbon Fuel (LCF) sources on a permanent basis, herein referred to as “the Project.” This report provides a...

RWDI AIR Inc. (RWDI) was retained by Lafarge to update the air quality cumulative effects assessment for their Bath Plant near Bath, Ontario. This report is an update of the March 28, 2012 “Background Air Quality & Cumulative Effects Analysis...

HGC Engineering was retained by Lafarge Canada Inc. to prepare this briefing which provides an outline of the regulatory framework for noise in Ontario, the components of an Acoustic Assessment Report, the history of Acoustic Assessments of the...


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