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Low Carbon Energy Special Edition Part 2

Exploring the New Frontier of Renewable Energy SourcesThe black sedimentary rock known as coal has a long history as a fuel for homes and industry. Marco Polo witnessed the use of the burning black rocks by Chinese peasants during his epic travels to the country in the 13th century. But it was declining sources of wood in Britain that ushered in the widespread use of coal and assured its place as the principal energy source during the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century.Centuries later, the burning of this fossil fuel is recognized as a leading contributor to carbon dioxide emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. Still, coal is so widely available and affordable that it remains a significant energy source today. The largest reserves are in the United States and currently over 100,000 metric tonnes of coal and petcoke from the US are shipped each year to our Bath Plant to manufacture our cement products. Although emission control technologies are in place to make coal ...

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