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Source Testing Report for 2015

RWDI AIR Inc. (RWDI) has been retained by Lafarge Canada Inc. (Lafarge) to conduct emission sampling on the kiln exhaust at their facility in Bath, Ontario. Lafarge is progressing througha Low Carbon Fuels (LCF) project which is part of the Cement 2020 Sustainability Initiative. The Cement 2020 program brings together a wide range of stakeholders, both public and private to find ways of moving the cement industry to new levels of sustainability.

The Pre-Test Plan for this testing program was submitted October14, 2015,to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Approval for the testing program was granted by the MOE on November 6, 2015. Testing was conducted on November17th,November 30thand December 1st, 2015. Results from the sampling program are presented in the ‘Tables’ section of the report, with more detailed sampling results located in the Appendices.

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